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Viasit is exclusively developing and manufacturing  in Neunkirchen, Germany. The Company has around 155 employees from 13 nations. (Source: Viasit)
Viasit is exclusively developing and manufacturing in Neunkirchen, Germany. The Company has around 155 employees from 13 nations. (Source: Viasit)

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Viasit relies on Track & Trace from EURO-LOG

Viasit Bürositzmöbel GmbH uses the Track & Trace system from Euro-Log AG to monitor its transport consignments from order receipt through to customer delivery.

Hallbergmoos-Munich, 11.09.2019 – Euro-Log AG, one of the leading providers of IT and integration solutions in the logistics sector, has provided a custom modular Track & Trace system for Viasit Bürositzmöbel GmbH. The IT solution created for the Neunkirchen-based office furniture manufacturer enables the company not only to track consignments transported by its own fleet, but also shipments dispatched via carriers and package delivery providers. The software system, which was specifically configured for Viasit, also includes “Mobile Track”, a logistics app developed by Euro-Log that enables drivers to record and report their transport status while on the road.

The modular Track & Trace system is based on an IoT service platform developed by Euro-Log, which connects all parties involved in the process in real-time, enabling them to communicate and exchange data swiftly. End-to-end transparency in the transport process enables Viasit to offer exceptional customer service; the company has all the data it needs to provide specific answers to queries on planned and expected delivery times.

User-friendly for drivers and dispatchers

Viasit uses the Mobile Track app for drivers and the central system for dispatchers to manage all of the transport processes of its own fleet of vehicles. When the driver scans the order barcode for a shipment, the system works in the background to generate the associated transport note for the route. The central dispatcher system is kept fully up to date and the team can communicate with drivers via the web portal to warn of traffic delays or potential delivery problems. On delivery, the driver obtains a digital signature from the recipient and can take photographs of any damage to the shipment. The system also features geofencing technology, enabling dispatchers to identify when the vehicle is within a specific radius of the destination and almost ready to make delivery. A map view enables the team to locate all fleet vehicles out on the road.

Transparent tracking of transport service providers

Viasit uses One-Track shipment tracking from Euro-Log to track shipments sent via carriers or package delivery providers. The system collects status reports from various sources, converts the data into a standardised format and displays it in a single consolidated dashboard overview. This dashboard is integrated into the web view, enabling dispatchers and Viasit customer support representatives to view the current status of any shipment and answer customer queries quickly and efficiently. As well as the ability to track shipments, the system also provides Viasit with detailed reports on the performance of package delivery providers, including an analysis of delivery times by postcode area.

“The flexible Track & Trace system from Euro-Log enables us to check the status of our transport shipments at any time with just a few clicks. We can provide swift responses to customers who want to know where their parcel is, and tell them when they can expect delivery,” says Thomas Weber, Head of IT at Viasit.

“We’re pleased to be able to partner with Viasit and, in doing so, to help drive the rollout of digital solutions in the commercial logistics sector. Our work with Viasit has enabled us to bring our offering even more in line with the needs of the sector,” says Alexander von Essen, Product Manager for Mobile Solutions at Euro-Log




Founded in 1992 as a joint venture of Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom and Digital Equipment, EURO-LOG AG has become one of the leading providers of IT and process integration in logistics. With customizable solutions such as B2B integration, procurement management, transportation management, ONE TRACK shipment tracking, container management and mobile logistics solutions, the company ensures transparency along the entire supply chain with its EUROLOG SCM PLATTFORM. International customers from the automotive, e-commerce & trade, industry and logistics sectors, among others, rely on the integration solutions of EURO-LOG AG. At the headquarters in Hallbergmoos-Munich, EURO-LOG AG operates own data centres and employs more than 95 people.

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About Viasit

Viasit Buerositzmoebel GmbH, an owner-managed company, delivers innovative and practical seating for the workplace and home, and for equipping properties. The company develops and produces its products exclusively in Neunkirchen in the Saarland and employs 155 people from 13 nations. The Viasit brand is represented in 21 countries on all continents by specialist retailers, importers and its subsidiary Viasit International Ltd. in London. Viasit's environmental management is certified according to EMAS. Viasit is a member of the German Design Council.

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